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10 March 2014

simply sadie jane

I am beyond excited for ya'll to meet my fabulous friend and super inspiring bloggin' momma! Take it away Sadie Jane!
I’m Sadie Jane, author of a lifestyle blogger that focuses on fitness, family, fashion and my fabulous family!! MAN…that’s a lot of f’s! I am married to a hunky farmer boy and together we have a little girl (3 years old) and a little boy 18 months) I LOVE to document my life through my blog!!! As a blogger living in the IDAHO STICKS I love that I can share my life with the virtual world!! I am actually a Labor and Delivery nurse turned stay at home mom to my 2 beautiful yet beastly kids! I started blogging to share my stories as a nurse and it quickly became an outlet to write my thoughts as a mother, fitness fanatic and all the other things that I love!
Being a busy mom, I barely have time to fold all the clothes on the couch and get my workout in for that day…so I don’t have much time to search or flip through the newest vogue. Instead I strive to find inspiration through my kids and every day life!! My days are filled with dance parties in my kitchen while I wrangle my little 18 month old and try to load the dishwasher all at the same time (I know you can imagine that madness!!) Also a lot of other mom stuff that include lots of cuddles, kisses, and just straight up smothering my children. During nap time, bedtime or early afternoon you will find me in my family room, in my garage gym or at my sisters cross fit gym workin’ on my fitness!!! I think taking the time to workout is SO important and really helps us mommies stay healthy and happy!
The hubs and I met in COLLEGE!!! Of course! What a boring story!! We both spotted each other at an event and his buddy convinced him to sit behind us (he was the shy one) we ended up hanging out after and having the BEST NIGHT…then at the end of the night, HE DIDN’T ASK FOR MY NUMBER, in fact he just kind a got up and was like…well, I will see you around!!! I was like WHHAAAAT!! I ended up stepping in and suggested that we exchange numbers and we hung out every day after that…that boy thought he didn’t want my number!! HA!!!
 At night you will find me doing some kind of home project along side my husband, cuddled up on the couch with the laptop in my lap or out with girlfriends enjoying some good food and laughter!

My main goal in my blog is to INSPIRE WOMEN!! Inspire those women that are too busy, that are too consumed, too tired, too depressed, spread too thin!! I want to help those women see that THEY can do it!!! I really am transforming more into a fitness blog now that I continue to work on finding time for fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle in my everyday life!! I love sharing all my tips, tricks, and workouts for the whole family with all you women out there!
 So, big secret about me…I used to be a rodeo goin’ ropin’ wrangler wearin’ cowgirl!! Yep, I actually had a scholarship to go to college for rodeo but then went in a totally different direction in my life (that’s another story for another day) BUT during this specific event (GOAT TYING) yes, GOAT TYING!!! In high school rodeo there is actually an event where you run down the arena as fast as you can on your horse only to jump off your horse while the horse is still running and run over to the goat that is tied to a long rope…yeah it sounds more and more ridiculous as I type this…but stick with me here…so then you run to the goat and flip it over (there is actually a legit way to do it) and tie it with really really fast hands!! The goat has to stay tied for over like 10 seconds…it’s ridiculous I KNOW!! BUT I was running down the arena on my horse and my horse would NOT slow down like at all!!! SO…naturally I jumped off still and totally and completely biffed it!! LIKE HARD!!!! So hard my feet like flipped over my head…and I had a mouth full of sand and my shirt came unsnapped and ALL the bull riders got a really really good laugh and I was PISSED!! I was so embarrassed that I was mad. I went straight home after that and practiced for hours with my horse!! HAHA!! The best part about this story is I actually WON the event that night because I had such a great and fast tie!! I don’t even remember it but I must have jumped up so fast and tied the crap outta that goat!! HAHA!
 A few SILLY and CORKY things about me!
- I have NO bubble!!! This probably creeps people out and I don’t even know where it comes from    but I am all about spreading the love and giving out hugs to everyone I meet!! I often come off too aggressive I think…oops!
- I have really weird OCD tendencies…like…I HAVE to have clean counters and vacuumed floors!! Like all the time!! I will vacuum twice a day in order to fulfill this!
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything with frosting and pretty much all candy! (It really is a constant struggle to stay on track to my fitness goals, that’s why I always preach about moderation and balance!)
- I have to put my feet up on EVERYTHING!!! I used to blame it on the fact that I was born feet first…WHAT!?! HA

 Sadie Jane Facts
I own WAY TOO MANY SWEATERS and when one lives in IDAHO one can never own too many boots and booties!
Target clearance is better than Christmas day
I really enjoy singing really loud in the car while my kids yell at me to tell me to stop!!
In my other life I live in an old castle in Scotland
Someday I want to be on hgtv, or have my own show or something huge…I dream big people!!! AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!
Blog - Simply Sadie Jane

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