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03 February 2014

crazy day

Today has been one of those days, ya know? Woke up late. Bella missed the bus. Dentist appointment. By the way, I despise the dentist. When I was younger, like last year I used to take my "blankie" with me to the dentist because I would have mad anxiety. It was ridiculous. I've chilled out a bit and pretend I'm a big girl and can handle it... The dentist asked me if I wanted nitros while they filled a cavity and prepped for a crown? My response was "hell yes, " and crank it up! Who doesn't want a legal high for an hour? Heaven.

Today's twin style is pure relaxation and the hair is unexplainable. Its not always glamorous and fashionable at our house. This is the real us. Scattered sunshine.

leggings / a little lullaby
cardigan / old navy

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