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09 February 2014

black and white


Spring is right around the corner, thank heavens! Bella loves TJ MAXX, and me? Well, I have to be in the right mood to look through racks, I absolutely refuse Ross. REFUSE. My mom always comes out with a treasure, not me.
Bella loves to shop if its for her. She scored this elegant black and white dress for a whopping $14.99. She even bought it with her own mula. At the age of 7, she has some serious style.
This dress is so perfect for spring, summer, an upcoming wedding and/or Easter dress. You can't beat $14.99!!!! I LOVE finding classic pieces like this at an affordable price.
 I could totally see this dress at Zara or Nordstrom. LOVE.
outfit details
dress - TJ MAXX, Riverdale Utah Store
tights - target
shoes - Zara clearance last summer

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