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14 February 2014

be mine...

I LOVE this look so much! Its still quite cold and mucky in BFE so a chunky sweater, leggings and military style boots are still perfect. When I love Bella's outfit so much I want to wear it then I know you will all love it too!  We pulled this one out of a hat yesterday. The one I had picked out just didn't look right so this was plan B and I love it. A denim collard shirt is a must have for all seasons. Its perfect for layering. I also love to throw my jewelry on Bella, and she thinks she's super cool that she gets to wear mom's accessories.
denim shirt / walmart (in-store)
sweater / zara (last fall)
leggings / zara (last fall)
military style boots / walmart (in-store)
rhinestone strand necklace / target (in-store)
statement necklace / c-o our world boutique

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