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05 January 2014

winter days

The twins and I took a brief walk today around the farm to take a few pictures. It was so stinking cold and past nap time that they weren't so thrilled when we stopped for a quick pic. Although, as soon as we got in the house and I asked them if they wanted a treat? Miss Perri quickly changed her tune as you can see her enjoying her Swedish Fish. I think our little Pearly might be coming down with something. All she wanted to do this afternoon was snuggle with me. I LOVE when they will stop long enough to let me hold them like a "baby," but I hate seeing them not feel well. I'm pretty sure I automatically gain five pounds anytime one of them get sick, tis the season!

headbands - c/o London Raquel
necklaces - c/o Lola & Darla Designs
cardigans - Je'dorable Bebe
doll - sophie & lili
boots - zara

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