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27 January 2014

simple basics...

I am a huge believer that fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Pearl and Perri are wearing classic basics. When paired correctly you have a darling look that didn't necessarily break the bank. (I won't lie, I do splurge occasionally on shoes.... okay, maybe a lot.)

 P&P's black cardigans both came from Wal-Mart, funny huh?! I think it is.
Little dresses came from Old Navy, I found them on clearance for $4.99 last Spring.
 Leggings are a MUST have, in every color. We like stripes...a lot. These black and white striped ones were purchased from GAP and have held up amazingly. If you don't buy them on sale they are a bit more spendy but are leggings that will stand the wear and tear of little tornadoes and still look like new. Stores I like to purchase leggings for $5 or under are: Target, Wal-Mart and H&M.
Affordable hair accessories. As we ALL know hair accessories can get pretty darn expensive, okay a lot expensive. When I found out I was expecting twins GIRLS I seriously about died! I wondered how the hell I was going to outfit three babes on my not so inexpensive taste? I came to grips with the possibility of having to work the corner if it came down to it. I would totally do that for a pair of shoes. Thank Heavens for FOREVER21. They have been my saving grace! Not only do I buy hair accessories for my kids but also jewelry for Bella.... and me.  

And Miss Pearl's latex gloves can be purchased at your local pharmacy. She was just accessorizing. 

So....Here's where the expensive taste comes into play. Footwear. I'm slightly a sucker. Let's be honest, Bella owned a pair of Frye boots before I ever did! Rude. It's totally justifiable. I promise. If you buy affordable/inexpensive basics, add a fun hair piece and/or statement necklace then you can totally splurge on a pair of stylish kicks like P&P's HUNTER boots. Do it!
Happy Tuesday!

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