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22 January 2014

oh honey

"Oh Honey" is a the latest line from Pearl and Perri.  I will occasionally say to daddy "oh honey" when he's being stubborn. P&P are constantly pretending to "talk" on the phone. Today's conversation was with auntie Annie and new baby cousin "Whhill" aka Will.
 Pearl & Perri are wanting to be more independent.  Their favorite thing to do is help me with the dishes. They insist on putting the silverware away...... It would be so much easier and quicker if they would just let me do it. These two babes are teaching me patience and how to relax. I'm learning to appreciate and love the string of disasters left behind by tiny little hands. I often think to myself that these moments with my children while they are small and fragile will come to pass. In the  grand scheme of things we only have but a few moments to nurture, love and teach our children. We have to cherish every moment, even the crayon murals found on the walls, the smeared boogers on my new wingback chair. Just enjoy the journey.
 Perri (left) has always been the more dominant of the twins. Picking on Pearl and having her way with her. Miss Pearl has always been more quiet and the "giver" of the two. She was the donor, giving Perri all of her fluid when I was pregnant with them, causing the twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome. Not anymore. Miss Pearl has turned into a ball of fire and can make "sissy" cry in a matter of seconds. For instance: While in the kitchen one day Pearl walked up to Perri, grabbed her by the back of the shirt pulling her to the ground and then proceeds to drag Perri across the kitchen floor. Pearl with a big old grin on her face and of course Perri crying her eyes out. I couldn't help but laugh and happy that Pearl has finally found her mortal whit. (We always knew Pearl was a fighter, she has always been our little giver and always the sicker of the two with far more struggles than Perri.)
 Pearl loves grapes.
Perri does not.

 Though Pearl and Perri are identical they have completely different personalities.
Pearl loves the "horsheeees" aka horses.
Perri likes them from afar but will not touch one.
 I feel so blessed to be a mother and to have three healthy, happy and beautiful little girls. I pray to inspire them and to teach them with love and kindness.
What are your desires for your children? What do you want them to learn from you as there mother? I  would love for you to leave a comment!
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