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06 January 2014

bella style

I can't believe my sweet Bella is growing up so fast. If I think about it too much I get super depressed and start to feel really old. She is now in the first grade and thinks she knows everything and is getting that "attitude" every mom dreads. She has lost at least six teeth and has been going through the inevitable awkward stages of adolescence, I love it. She is praying her front teeth come in "normal." haha!

She was my one and only for almost five years until the twins came along. I think the twins have thrown both of us for a loop, I love them so much but I think we are still adjusting. Now that she is in the first grade and is gone all day my heart hurts sometimes. I miss her so much. I miss our entire days of one on one together. She thinks she is too old to hold my hand in public now, someone from school might see her. I make sure we pray together every morning before she gets on the bus and its mandatory that she gives me a kiss before she runs down the lane to meet the bus. ( I tease her that she rides the BFE short bus, it is short because their isn't very many kids where we live so a huge bus is pointless.)

Bella has always been beautiful but I find myself staring at her thinking how did we get so lucky to have her in our family? Despite the attitude she is the sweetest, most tender hearted little soul I know. She has a special place in her heart for the poor and elderly. She asked me not too long ago if she came across a little girl who didn't have a very nice coat, or if it was torn if she could give her own coat to her? Such a proud mom moment. She is constantly worrying about her classmates. She becomes concerned if she notices a classmate wearing the same shoes day after day. She wonders if she should give them a pair of her own or if we need to buy them a pair. What 1st grader thinks that way? So tender hearted.

As I taught a Sunday school lesson today to the youth of our ward we watched a short clip of a man telling a story about how he would write down a few sentences about his kids every night before he went to bed. He did this for years. He was able to see the little blessings that God had given him each and every day. I love that story so much. At the end of the day our life isn't about fashion or how many "followers." I think its about the relationships we develop within the walls of our own homes with our children and husbands/partners. I wouldn't trade my life for any amount of money. I love the simplicity of my little family the priceless memories we are creating together.

I took a few quick pics of Bella before we headed to church. Super inexpensive dress and accessories! Get the look!

dress - H&M (instore) $17.95
necklace - forever21 (instore) under $10
headband - forever21 (instore) $1.80
lip gloss - H&M she loves to wear lip stick or gloss and she applied it all by herself.

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