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20 January 2014

baby elle style

Today we are featuring the beautiful momma behind @babyellestyle!!! This mom and daughter duo is becoming an instagram sensation! Both incredibly stunning. We are so excited to take you into the life of @babyellestyle and give you a glimpse of who they are behind their instagram page.
Linda and her husband are both dentists and met in dental school.  His name is "Ever." Her engagement ring says "LINDA 4 EVER," corny but sweet! Dentistry is very unglamorous and that is one of the main reasons Linda NEVER wears scrubs, she wears "her" clothing and a lab coat over, little to say she does not resemble anything close to a all!  Especially in 6 inch heels! Her husband on the other hand wears nothing but scrubs & gym clothes! Linda is the queen of mixing high & low apparel, most of my clothing is Forever21 but loves to splurge on shoes (Valentino's are her current favorite.) Her shopping habits have changed a bit from all her to all baby Elle and surprisingly Linda buys Elle's clothing to match hers! She loves gold and anything that sparkles. She is a more is more kind of girl, life is just too short not to dress up and you never know what the day might bring you. Linda's Motto: "Tomorrow is uncertain so don't ever save an outfit for a special day...Everyday is special!" Oh, and Linda also cusses like sailor, she doesn't trust anyone who doesn't like chocolate. She also hates answering the phone and pumping gas!
"Elle's wardrobe is ever changing as far as style because I feel like children's fashion is far more forgiving and "costume" feeling outfits are entirely appropriate.  Most of her clothing comes from Zara, Baby Gap, and Old Navy but Sometimes she likes to splurge on special pieces from Mini Rodini, Tutu du Monde, and Janie & Jack.  I also find fun pieces from Target, the Harajuku Mini line is one of my favorites!"
 As anyone who has seen our @babyellestyle Instagram account you know Linda likes to match and coordinate she and baby Elle's outfits.  People ask Linda all the time if its difficult matching her and Elle's outfits. Here are a few tips from Linda! Keep it simple and classic. Outfits are easy to match like plaids, stripes, lace, and military.  For exact matches Linda likes American Apparel, Lily Pulitzer and J Crew. Head wear is also very important since Elle has very little hair. Linda thinks little girls look adorable with bows, headpieces, and headbands. She particularly like these super soft cotton turbans from an Etsy Shop named Sekilola Shop, they also makes adult sizes. For an added touch you'll often see Mom and baby Elle wearing a sparkly broach or pin for added glam.
 Elle- Jo Fresh Boy's plaid shirt, American Apparel pleated black skirt,
 Zara black booties, Forever21 Studded Bunny ear headband, Fossil necklace

 Mommy - Mine- Forever 21 plaid shirt, necklace & faux leather fringe skirt, CHANEL
 motorcycle boots.

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  1. I make Baby Elle's birthday cakes! Linda and Elle are the most gorgeous girlies in town! <3