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30 January 2014

our love story...

He totally robbed the cradle. Justin and I started dating the beginning of my senior year of high school. Don't worry he graduated when I was in the 7th grade. Ha. How did we meet? Well.. My parents were out of town on a cruise and my older sister and husband were left to take care of us. It was a Friday night and of course I stayed the night at a friends house. Her parents thought she was staying at my house... right. We ended up at a party. A party we shouldn't have been at. These parties were much more entertaining than the high school parties we were used to. I ended up going outside for something and some guy holding a beer, three sheets to the wind started talking to me. He wasn't bad looking. I had no idea who he was or how old? He proceeds to ask me out on a date? And the rest is history! Crazy. Who consents to going on a date with a drunk guy. Best decision of my life.
I graduated high school in May of 2005 and decided to spend the summer away trying to figure out life. I took a summer nanny job in Leondard Town Maryland. I tended to an 8 year old and IDENTICAL TWIN boys that were 5. So ironic.  
While in Maryland Justin and I decided we would marry when I got back to Utah. Crazy I know, I was only 18. I'll kill Bella if she even thinks about getting married before she's 25. The annual County Fair is a huge deal where I'm from. It means summer is drawing to an end. We go out every night and eat, listen to music at the band stand and watch the weirdo's that come out of the woodwork "dance." Cheap entertainment. We went to the rodeo that night. I had just got back from being a nanny in Maryland so my family and Justin's family was at the rodeo too. I just figured they all missed me. Justin left to go get us popcorn and drinks. As we are eating our popcorn about half way down into the bag I spot something black. It was a box, with a ring in it! It was perfection! And I said "YES!" I new a proposal was coming but I never imagined it would come at the rodeo at the County Fair. It was so sweet and so redneck.  That's why I love him so much, we are so different. He keeps me grounded and reminds me when I'm being a pain in the ass.
We were married November 12, 2005 at 4:00PM in the Logan LDS Temple (don't worry we got our shit together.) We had a huge dinner and celebration with the ones we loved most. I didn't want a traditional white dress. I fell in love with an off white dress on Ebay and only paid $50 for it. Seriously.
We bought our first home together and were able to completely renovate it and move in the day after we were married. And yes, I was legal. 
Love you babe! I'm so happy I get to spend eternity with you in BFE, also known as the lone and dreary world. 

29 January 2014

play date favorites...

Hey friends! I hope you are having a great week! I hit our local Wal-Mart today and while browsing through the toddler section (12m-5T) I found some great basic leggings and fun play date dresses for under $5. Hope you LOVE!
 We hope y'all have a fabulous day!


Since V-Day is right around the corner here's a little inspiration for styling your babes on the day of love!

Do you style your kids for the various holidays?


27 January 2014

simple basics...

I am a huge believer that fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Pearl and Perri are wearing classic basics. When paired correctly you have a darling look that didn't necessarily break the bank. (I won't lie, I do splurge occasionally on shoes.... okay, maybe a lot.)

 P&P's black cardigans both came from Wal-Mart, funny huh?! I think it is.
Little dresses came from Old Navy, I found them on clearance for $4.99 last Spring.
 Leggings are a MUST have, in every color. We like stripes...a lot. These black and white striped ones were purchased from GAP and have held up amazingly. If you don't buy them on sale they are a bit more spendy but are leggings that will stand the wear and tear of little tornadoes and still look like new. Stores I like to purchase leggings for $5 or under are: Target, Wal-Mart and H&M.
Affordable hair accessories. As we ALL know hair accessories can get pretty darn expensive, okay a lot expensive. When I found out I was expecting twins GIRLS I seriously about died! I wondered how the hell I was going to outfit three babes on my not so inexpensive taste? I came to grips with the possibility of having to work the corner if it came down to it. I would totally do that for a pair of shoes. Thank Heavens for FOREVER21. They have been my saving grace! Not only do I buy hair accessories for my kids but also jewelry for Bella.... and me.  

And Miss Pearl's latex gloves can be purchased at your local pharmacy. She was just accessorizing. 

So....Here's where the expensive taste comes into play. Footwear. I'm slightly a sucker. Let's be honest, Bella owned a pair of Frye boots before I ever did! Rude. It's totally justifiable. I promise. If you buy affordable/inexpensive basics, add a fun hair piece and/or statement necklace then you can totally splurge on a pair of stylish kicks like P&P's HUNTER boots. Do it!
Happy Tuesday!

26 January 2014

my life

 Finally posting our family photo shoot with Jeniso Photography right before Christmas. As you will notice there's not many pictures... Let's just say we put the C in "Circus."
This picture says it all.....
And its a wrap.

Much love and happiness to you all.
 Stella & Crew Clan

24 January 2014

wrens nest creations

your going to love these little shoes. these little beauties were custom made special for pearl & perri. be sure to check out wren's nest creations here and here.

headbands, cardigans (target), leggings, (target), shoes

perfect spring accessorie...


We have found the perfect accessory to take your little ones into spring! We have put together two different looks using the fabulous leather peter pan collar that we hope you love!

 Patterns and accessories we are loving:
peter pan collars
polka dots
big bows

23 January 2014

floral bows and polka dots...

We are looking forward to Spring here in BFE! Today's little outfits with the floral prints, polka dots and Kelly green colors for sure are getting us excited for warmer weather.
headbands - c/o a dash of sass by cristal
tops - / similar H&M
leggings - gap in-store
boots polka dot or patent - c/o Dr. Martens

22 January 2014

oh honey

"Oh Honey" is a the latest line from Pearl and Perri.  I will occasionally say to daddy "oh honey" when he's being stubborn. P&P are constantly pretending to "talk" on the phone. Today's conversation was with auntie Annie and new baby cousin "Whhill" aka Will.
 Pearl & Perri are wanting to be more independent.  Their favorite thing to do is help me with the dishes. They insist on putting the silverware away...... It would be so much easier and quicker if they would just let me do it. These two babes are teaching me patience and how to relax. I'm learning to appreciate and love the string of disasters left behind by tiny little hands. I often think to myself that these moments with my children while they are small and fragile will come to pass. In the  grand scheme of things we only have but a few moments to nurture, love and teach our children. We have to cherish every moment, even the crayon murals found on the walls, the smeared boogers on my new wingback chair. Just enjoy the journey.
 Perri (left) has always been the more dominant of the twins. Picking on Pearl and having her way with her. Miss Pearl has always been more quiet and the "giver" of the two. She was the donor, giving Perri all of her fluid when I was pregnant with them, causing the twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome. Not anymore. Miss Pearl has turned into a ball of fire and can make "sissy" cry in a matter of seconds. For instance: While in the kitchen one day Pearl walked up to Perri, grabbed her by the back of the shirt pulling her to the ground and then proceeds to drag Perri across the kitchen floor. Pearl with a big old grin on her face and of course Perri crying her eyes out. I couldn't help but laugh and happy that Pearl has finally found her mortal whit. (We always knew Pearl was a fighter, she has always been our little giver and always the sicker of the two with far more struggles than Perri.)
 Pearl loves grapes.
Perri does not.

 Though Pearl and Perri are identical they have completely different personalities.
Pearl loves the "horsheeees" aka horses.
Perri likes them from afar but will not touch one.
 I feel so blessed to be a mother and to have three healthy, happy and beautiful little girls. I pray to inspire them and to teach them with love and kindness.
What are your desires for your children? What do you want them to learn from you as there mother? I  would love for you to leave a comment!
-Outfit Details-
headband / forever21
tops / hm - fashion place mall
leggings / gap - fashion place mall
moccs / c-o freshly picked

20 January 2014

baby elle style

Today we are featuring the beautiful momma behind @babyellestyle!!! This mom and daughter duo is becoming an instagram sensation! Both incredibly stunning. We are so excited to take you into the life of @babyellestyle and give you a glimpse of who they are behind their instagram page.
Linda and her husband are both dentists and met in dental school.  His name is "Ever." Her engagement ring says "LINDA 4 EVER," corny but sweet! Dentistry is very unglamorous and that is one of the main reasons Linda NEVER wears scrubs, she wears "her" clothing and a lab coat over, little to say she does not resemble anything close to a all!  Especially in 6 inch heels! Her husband on the other hand wears nothing but scrubs & gym clothes! Linda is the queen of mixing high & low apparel, most of my clothing is Forever21 but loves to splurge on shoes (Valentino's are her current favorite.) Her shopping habits have changed a bit from all her to all baby Elle and surprisingly Linda buys Elle's clothing to match hers! She loves gold and anything that sparkles. She is a more is more kind of girl, life is just too short not to dress up and you never know what the day might bring you. Linda's Motto: "Tomorrow is uncertain so don't ever save an outfit for a special day...Everyday is special!" Oh, and Linda also cusses like sailor, she doesn't trust anyone who doesn't like chocolate. She also hates answering the phone and pumping gas!
"Elle's wardrobe is ever changing as far as style because I feel like children's fashion is far more forgiving and "costume" feeling outfits are entirely appropriate.  Most of her clothing comes from Zara, Baby Gap, and Old Navy but Sometimes she likes to splurge on special pieces from Mini Rodini, Tutu du Monde, and Janie & Jack.  I also find fun pieces from Target, the Harajuku Mini line is one of my favorites!"
 As anyone who has seen our @babyellestyle Instagram account you know Linda likes to match and coordinate she and baby Elle's outfits.  People ask Linda all the time if its difficult matching her and Elle's outfits. Here are a few tips from Linda! Keep it simple and classic. Outfits are easy to match like plaids, stripes, lace, and military.  For exact matches Linda likes American Apparel, Lily Pulitzer and J Crew. Head wear is also very important since Elle has very little hair. Linda thinks little girls look adorable with bows, headpieces, and headbands. She particularly like these super soft cotton turbans from an Etsy Shop named Sekilola Shop, they also makes adult sizes. For an added touch you'll often see Mom and baby Elle wearing a sparkly broach or pin for added glam.
 Elle- Jo Fresh Boy's plaid shirt, American Apparel pleated black skirt,
 Zara black booties, Forever21 Studded Bunny ear headband, Fossil necklace

 Mommy - Mine- Forever 21 plaid shirt, necklace & faux leather fringe skirt, CHANEL
 motorcycle boots.

13 January 2014

stripes and gold


striped dress

gold dress

We are SOOOOOO in LOVE with these two darling outfits! Perfect for spring and summer. Even better, the dresses are 35% off right now at

12 January 2014

carly megan shop

Wow, what a week it has been for us at our house! Miss Pearl spent the first part of the week in the hospital with an upper resperitory infection. Crossing our fingers she can come off of the oxygen tomorrow. I'm pretty sure she has almost strangled herself a few times on that dang 20' long cord.
I hope you enjoyed todays style post! We have been huge fans of Carly Megan Shop since we began Stella & Crew almost a year ago. If your looking for some fun and comfy leggings for your little ones Carly Megan Shop is the place!
Happy Monday!!!

06 January 2014

bella style

I can't believe my sweet Bella is growing up so fast. If I think about it too much I get super depressed and start to feel really old. She is now in the first grade and thinks she knows everything and is getting that "attitude" every mom dreads. She has lost at least six teeth and has been going through the inevitable awkward stages of adolescence, I love it. She is praying her front teeth come in "normal." haha!

She was my one and only for almost five years until the twins came along. I think the twins have thrown both of us for a loop, I love them so much but I think we are still adjusting. Now that she is in the first grade and is gone all day my heart hurts sometimes. I miss her so much. I miss our entire days of one on one together. She thinks she is too old to hold my hand in public now, someone from school might see her. I make sure we pray together every morning before she gets on the bus and its mandatory that she gives me a kiss before she runs down the lane to meet the bus. ( I tease her that she rides the BFE short bus, it is short because their isn't very many kids where we live so a huge bus is pointless.)

Bella has always been beautiful but I find myself staring at her thinking how did we get so lucky to have her in our family? Despite the attitude she is the sweetest, most tender hearted little soul I know. She has a special place in her heart for the poor and elderly. She asked me not too long ago if she came across a little girl who didn't have a very nice coat, or if it was torn if she could give her own coat to her? Such a proud mom moment. She is constantly worrying about her classmates. She becomes concerned if she notices a classmate wearing the same shoes day after day. She wonders if she should give them a pair of her own or if we need to buy them a pair. What 1st grader thinks that way? So tender hearted.

As I taught a Sunday school lesson today to the youth of our ward we watched a short clip of a man telling a story about how he would write down a few sentences about his kids every night before he went to bed. He did this for years. He was able to see the little blessings that God had given him each and every day. I love that story so much. At the end of the day our life isn't about fashion or how many "followers." I think its about the relationships we develop within the walls of our own homes with our children and husbands/partners. I wouldn't trade my life for any amount of money. I love the simplicity of my little family the priceless memories we are creating together.

I took a few quick pics of Bella before we headed to church. Super inexpensive dress and accessories! Get the look!

dress - H&M (instore) $17.95
necklace - forever21 (instore) under $10
headband - forever21 (instore) $1.80
lip gloss - H&M she loves to wear lip stick or gloss and she applied it all by herself.

05 January 2014

winter days

The twins and I took a brief walk today around the farm to take a few pictures. It was so stinking cold and past nap time that they weren't so thrilled when we stopped for a quick pic. Although, as soon as we got in the house and I asked them if they wanted a treat? Miss Perri quickly changed her tune as you can see her enjoying her Swedish Fish. I think our little Pearly might be coming down with something. All she wanted to do this afternoon was snuggle with me. I LOVE when they will stop long enough to let me hold them like a "baby," but I hate seeing them not feel well. I'm pretty sure I automatically gain five pounds anytime one of them get sick, tis the season!

headbands - c/o London Raquel
necklaces - c/o Lola & Darla Designs
cardigans - Je'dorable Bebe
doll - sophie & lili
boots - zara