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10 December 2013

Louis B Boutique

We LOVE Louis B. Boutique! Bella was thrilled to get these goodies in the mail! What little girl doesn't love sequins and a sparkly necklaces. What's funny about Bella is when she models an outfit you can tell instantly if she loves it or not. If she loves it she wears it all over her face and it comes through in every image. The dress and striped top were a huge hit! Also, you can't go wrong with Lola and Darla Designs, each necklace is made to perfection and completes any look! Be sure to follow and visit Louis B. Boutique on instagram and facebook.

Photography by Jeniso Photography

top - c/o Louis B. Boutique
dress - c/o Louis B. Boutique
necklace - c/o Lola and Darla Designs
boots - walmart

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