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10 December 2013

Louis B Boutique

We LOVE Louis B. Boutique! Bella was thrilled to get these goodies in the mail! What little girl doesn't love sequins and a sparkly necklaces. What's funny about Bella is when she models an outfit you can tell instantly if she loves it or not. If she loves it she wears it all over her face and it comes through in every image. The dress and striped top were a huge hit! Also, you can't go wrong with Lola and Darla Designs, each necklace is made to perfection and completes any look! Be sure to follow and visit Louis B. Boutique on instagram and facebook.

Photography by Jeniso Photography

top - c/o Louis B. Boutique
dress - c/o Louis B. Boutique
necklace - c/o Lola and Darla Designs
boots - walmart

08 December 2013

twins turn two

Life was so crazy with the twins when they turned one that they never had professional pictures or your traditional cake smash. Because we do things a little unconventional we had a cake smash for Pearl and Perri's second birthday. These two loved it! Pearl was a little more into it than Perri. Miss Pearl is our garbage gut and would have consumed the entire cake if I would have let her.

A huge thank you to Jes Anthonis , owner and maker of Mosey's for her creations that helped make Pearl and Perri's birthday cake smash extra special! Mosey makes whimsical creations for Birthdays, Baby showers, Holidays and beyond!  They are still shipping in the US for arrival by Christmas! Get 15% off any purchase with coupon code SNOWNOW. You can also find Mosey on instagram.

Photography by Jeniso Photography

birthday crowns, cake topper - c/o mosey 
biodegradable flat wear
tops - c/o je'dorable bebe
leggings - c/o sugar plum lane baby
moccasins - c/o freshly picked

04 December 2013

five gates boutique

Five Gates Boutique - Today we are featuring FIVE GATES BOUTIQUE, one of Instagram's newest shops of handmade goods for adults and children. Miss P + P are wearing their harem leggings and mock turbans with some fun accessories and don't forget the chap stick!!! These two little stinkers LOVE chap stick or anything that resembles mommies lipstick. You can find Five Gates Boutique on Instagram and Etsy. Finish up your Holiday shopping with some goods for yourself and your kiddos!

Photography by Jeniso Photography

leggings - c/o 5 gates boutique
headbands - c/o 5 gates boutique
ballet flats - c/o yosisamra
infinity scarfs - posies handmade
blue cardigan - old navy
fuchsia cardigan - gap