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14 October 2013

country living

Welcome to our new beginning on the Douglas Farm. I often wondered why anyone would willingly move to this small farming community of about 300? I'm a curb and gutter kind of gal and enjoyed the conveniences of "town." The nearest gas station and $0.99 McDonalds Diet Coke is 17 miles away. Trust me. This little valley has a handful of stop signs and two soda machines. I frequent the post office regularly for my $.60 can of diet coke. If your a Pepsi drinker you'll have to visit the Hawkes Farm vending machine, they offer your beverage in a bottle. Pretty fancy. Because there is no coffee shop for the locals to have morning coffee they all meet at the O'Dell Rinderknecht kitchen table to have morning brew and good conversation. The post office seems to be another popular location for locals to mingle.

 Life is simple here, it seems to be a little slower paced. Not so much hustle and bustle. In fact, I find myself signaling to pull out of my driveway and usually there's not a car within 8 miles. As I walk Bella to the bus in the morning its so calm and peaceful. I'm reminded of the simplicity this new life has brought myself and my family. I feel I've been able to step back and really appreciate my new environment.  When I'm home, I'm home. I used to pack the kids up and go for a drive, here there's not many places to go. You've got the post office and that's about it. I find myself being far more prepared than I ever have before. I don't have the luxury of running to the grocery store for milk or eggs, I usually run to the neighbors. Ha. I'm learning.

Its been pure joy watching the kids light up when there daddy pulls in the yard. They all stand in the large front window waving to him. We rarely saw Justin when we lived in town and didn't have the opportunity to have a lot of family time together. The sacrifices of "town" have been worth every minute having my family together. I appreciate Justin far more than I ever have. I get to see what he does and what it takes to keep the farm running. I have also been educated too. I took the twins up to where they were "preg checking" cows. Wow. I'm sure the look on my face was priceless.

I feel so blessed that with the technology we have it allows Justin and I to both live our dreams. Him farming and doing what he loves and I with my Stella & Crew and styling. Both living our passion and raising our family, together in this beautiful valley. We have been welcomed with open arms. In the short time we have lived here I have felt so much love and genuine kindness. I now understand why some many love it here in BFE.

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