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26 September 2013

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes - I am so grateful for the chance I had to be apart of KSL's STUDIO 5 with the amazing Brooke Walker. She is the kindest person and I felt like I was talking to a friend I've known for years.  Bella asked me if "Brooke" could be her sister. So precious. I love that my Bella and I share the same passion for "fashion." She so desperately wanted to be on TV with me, she promised she wouldn't say a word! Some day she will get her opportunity.   
Meet the beautiful Kristin Wilkerson. We met through a mutual friend and happened to be on STUDIO 5 the same day! She is an amazing photographer specializing in Senior Portraits. I am so blessed to have this talented Momma/Photographer in my life! We have plans to do some amazing things! Also the wonderful Tia Celise who worked her magic early yesterday morning to get me all "stage" ready! I love her so much and the three of us make a killer team! Keep an eye out for us!

Also a special thank you to Jeniso Photography who actually lied to STUDIO 5 about me and got me on the show! JK. But seriously she is amazing and has believed in me from the get go. She is responsible for the beautiful images shown during my segment. Be sure to visit her facebook page to book your photo shoot today!

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