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26 July 2013


 Today's style post is dedicated to my little miracles! Today's contributors are DOT DOT SMILE, PINCH of PEACH, RUBY BLUE INC., FRESHLY-PICKED, THE REFINED, MISS J. HANDMADE DESIGNS. Details on how and where to get today's finds linked underneath last picture.
Two years ago today is a day we will never forget.  At 17 weeks pregnant my identical twins developed a rare condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Only 10% of identical twins develop this rare condition and if not treated the outcome can be devastating.  After learning our options we chose to fly too Los Angeles' Fetal Therapy Hospital where Dr. Ramen Schmait would perform the in-utero laser surgery to try and save our very sick babies and give them the best chance of life.  That morning of surgery was like none other I've experienced before.  With a life altering surgery only minutes away and knowing the facts and devastating realities that could easily be ours. I remember being overcome with calmness and peace. I for the first time in my life had turned my life  and the outcome of what was to be in the hands of my Heavenly Father. I remember praying and asking to send them both to us, that I didn't care how they came or with what problems, that I could handle it. I just wanted both of them.  The surgery on average takes about 42 minutes from start to finish.  Ours only took 11 minutes in and out.  It was truly a miracle.  I had an ultra sound the next morning to check for two heart beats.  That was our first victory with many more obstacles to overcome. 
I went into labor at 31 weeks.  Pearl and Perri were born by emergency C-section.  Both were off of there ventilators only hours after they were born.  Both doing very well.  At 7 days old my Pearl developed necrotizing endocolitis (NEK).  Pearl was taken to Primary Children's Medical Center for emergency surgery to remove part of her large intestines.  I now had my twins separated and about 30 minutes apart with Bella in Northern Utah.  Looking back I'm not sure how we survived those 2 months of going back and forth from hospital to hospital.  Pumping every 2-3 hours trying to produce enough milk to feed both babies.  Making sure Bella was okay. A month after Pearlie came home she needed another surgery to reconnect her instestine's.  She had several complications and spent the next three months in and out of Primary Children's Medical Center. Now 20 months old they are doing fantastic! You'd never know they had such a rough start in life.
 The valuable lessons and people we met through this experience has changed our lives forever.  I wouldn't changed any of it. 
Here are my little peanuts with the best big sister in the world!

style 1
style 2
c/o the refined / mustard cardigan
old navy / gold mary janes
style 3
next direct / grey ruffle tank
target / black leggings
zara / ballet flats

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