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03 January 2017


This girl has game.  As a mom its been very gratifying to watch Bella find her own style. Though she is young she knows what she likes and what she doesn't like. She isn't real trendy. She tends to go for the more classy and sophisticated pieces. Bella is very particular about everything, perfectionist. When she was in the first grade she used to sneak her favorite Paul Mitchell hair spray to school and frequent the bathroom to spray the hairs that might have been out of place. She keeps me on my toes.


mexican guitars

Who wouldn't love a little Mexican guitar? The twins are totally obsessed with these silly things. While in Mexico we found hand painted, fishing line strung guitars for cheap. We didn't realize how much Pearl and Perri would love them. Needless to say the guitars have been banned from the car. Forever. Hope you all are having a fabulous New Year!

snow for days

When I was a little girl I remember playing in the snow with my siblings.  My oldest brother whom was like Mountain Man from birth loved making snow caves out of the snow that my dad had pushed into big piles with the four wheeler that lined our cement driveway. These snow caves were legit. He even slept in them. Not much has changed. Pearl and Perri have been attempting their first snow cave today. Maybe uncle Clint can give them some pointers one day.

23 September 2015

lead line

07 March 2015

ponys and pink

This is my Perri. My wild and crazy, free spirited little sassy pants. This outfit describes her spunky personality to a t. She wanted so badly to have her horse in all the pictures (the horse goes everywhere with us) so I made a deal with her that she could have her horse for the first few images. The pictures with her horse is my absolute favorite and captures Perri perfectly.
I'm in love with this bright top from Hello Miss Gorgeous. All the fun colors make accessorizing this outfit a piece of cake! Who doesn't love metallic gold leggings, freshly-picked moccs and to complete the outfit a Ruby Blue Originals headwrap! Perfection my friends.

top / hello miss gorgeous
leggings / ruby blue originals
headwrap / ruby blue originals
moccs / freshly-picked